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Espejos op Art Infinitos: Bienvenido

Infinite Op Art Mirrors
Vasarely triad tribute, Koons and Bejar

Being a faithful believer that the viewer is a fundamental part of the work of any artist, in this series, she invites them to participate  in a dynamic way and truly be part of the work. They are the protagonists of a unique piece since it is always changing and dynamic, adjusting to its environment.The designs based on kinetic geometric figures, part of the op art movement, are actually the idea of particles that enclose moments and memories. When interacting with the pieces, they enter into a game and it is a way of raising awareness of how important it is to be together and live together. Not only are they pieces where they reflect an instant, but they also encourage us to think further and know that these works have infinite possibilities. This collection consists of 5 pieces of each model. The flat model, the multifocal model and the fused model. On the other hand, it is a tribute to three great artists that he admires.

Espejos op Art Infinitos: Texto
Espejos op Art Infinitos: Proyectos
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