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When referring to dynamism, it is a system that considers the world 
corporeal as formed by 
groupings of simple elements, 
really inextensive, and whose background 
essential is strength; so that corporeal phenomena result 
of the clash of elemental forces, y se 
ultimately reduced to modos del 
movement and the quality of things, companies or activities that have activity, movement and innovation and that are in constant transformation or make it possible.
With this in mind and with the question of:
And if art is also a game, why don't we all play together?
The pieces of the dynamism collection are specially created to have a collaboration with several different minds. The artist is the spectator.
By moving them we make a game with art and form different opinions which we make our own.
A work is not only as Feldman has planned it, but the intention is that the viewer is the creator of several works of art that can be made with the same piece.
The possibilities are many and only the imagination is what
will decide the outcome.
In addition to having a background idea, the piece is enriched with the history of each person who modifies it.
The game is the foundation of creative thinking and is the key piece in the artist's work.

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