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Introspection is the observation that a person makes of their own consciousness or their states of mind to reflect on them. It is the ability to focus attention on your own perceptions, concerns, sensations and thoughts.
In a philosophical term it is a means to learn about our being 
Every human being is made up of thoughts and emotions that house an intimate nature, and whose discovery requires courage to dive behind the scenes of appearances and remove those layers that we have done for a long time. 
Thus, introspection has been the object of study since the very birth of Psychology, when it was imposed as a method for accessing the internal processes that govern affections and behavior.
Hay dos tipos de introspección:      _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  
1 - Self-reflection: it is the process of analyzing internal thought processes to become aware of their triggers and reflex behaviors, as well as our mistakes, in order to improve personal psychological growth and achieve greater maturity.
2 - Self-rumination: self-rumination or self-rumination occurs when the person becomes obsessed with thinking about their mistakes in a constant and self-destructive way, which prevents them from seeing solutions and opportunities until their self-esteem is broken.
Most of the activity of the current was carried out in the school of Wurzburg (Bavaria, Germany), specifically through the method of retrospective introspection. In this, the experimental subject had to remember a posteriori what higher order processes were needed to solve a complex, highly structured and replicable situation. 
Little by little the methodology has been changing but introspection continues to be an object of interest in modern Psychology. Thus, there are therapeutic approaches that make use of it as a method of evaluation and/or intervention; Some examples are therapy based on mentalization, mindfulness (full or conscious attention) and cognitive restructuring.
At this time it is important to study ourselves and thus be aware of what we need to be able to be balanced and decide on our present and future. 
Connecting with yourself, analyzing your personality and your thoughts is a very healthy way to get to know yourself better and to be able to love and respect yourself.  One must choose well to try not to be self-destructive. 
The aim of introspection is to slow down a bit the frenetic pace of our daily lives in order to reconnect with ourselves and analyze who we really are. It is a perfect method to realize what really is a priority in life and the truth is that looking inward is necessary for personal development.
It is about removing layers and actually being honest with ourselves to find inner peace. 
This series refers to the waves and vibrations that create layers of consciousness in different circumstances and that accumulate over time. It is those layers that we have to study and see the paths we have traveled to understand ourselves better and get to know each other in depth. 
There are 10 pieces created with  direct ink in solvent, acrylic and pvc on transparent flat sheets. They are 40 x 40 x 4 cm cubes using monochrome colors in grayscale. 
In each work you can see a figure trapped in those layers of lines in different shapes and has an opening in them to let a whole part show through. Each layer is transparently opposed to the other creating the final image.

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