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“par, partis”, which can be translated as “part”, and the suffix “-cula”, which is equivalent to “small”.
a particle is the smallest fragment of matter that maintains the chemical properties of a body. In this sense, atoms and molecules are particles.
The question always is what are we made of?
It may be a bit reductionist. You may argue that you are much more than a collection of particles.
It will depend if we are talking about physics or chemistry and there will be several answers.
What is true is that we also form from everything that surrounds us and from all those who are part of our lives.
Every moment that passes we are nourished and changed by our own experiences.
In this collection called particles, the artist does not refer to atoms or molecules, but merely in the figurative sense of achievements, experiences and knowledge that ultimately create us as unique and different individuals.
This collection consists of works made by hand with oil on canvas in different formats.

Partículas: Texto
Partículas: Proyectos
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