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Movimiento Libre

About the artist

The idea of movement and the game with the spectator makes

of his work something unique and its shape makes it vibrate

taking him to the bottom of an idea, sometimes fragmented already

times complete, creating a perspective of the world of

an unconventional way.

The spectator is a crucial part of his work since it is according to

the artist, the one who finishes the piece:

"Without them the work of art would not exist."

Create limited series and although they change, they always

retains its basic idea. Use oil and mixed techniques

including photography, mirror, acrylic and wood

He has exhibited in Mexico, the United States, Europe and Asia.

Some instances where he has had his work exhibited:

Maco area, Jumex Museum, Torre Mayor, Jose Luis Museum

Caves, Bicentennial Museum, Oaxaca Museum, Museum

of Modern Art with Living Art, Senate of the Republic,

The National Lottery, Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

Luvina Cultural Center, Museum of the State Government of

Oaxaca, Miami at Spectrum Miami Art Basel week, New

York on 3 occasions, California in Latin American

Museum, London Zero Gallery, Spain Association

Cultural Mexican Catalan, Cuba House of Culture

Josúe País García and Taiwan Chan Liu Museum and Art Taipei.

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