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Círculos Cromodinámicos: Proyectos

Chromodynamic Circles

The best representation of life is a circle. It has no beginning or end, it is cyclical, it is the union of various things that happen to us and it is constantly in our surroundings. But, if life is a circle, emotions are represented in different geometric figures and also, the plots in the works refer to the invisible waves of communication, where today it is more specialized and we communicate less.

In Feldman's work we observe a reflection of his memory, his childhood and our

current society in motion. The image is perceived at the bottom of a circle with a

pattern of alternating figures creating another dimension.

Feldman invites us to pause and see ourselves. To be part of the

work, to be able to experiment playing and change the work at will.

For each stimulus that is sent to the viewer, it expects an involuntary response.

thus achieving a personal reflection.

With his chromodynamic circles he creates different worlds with infinite possibilities.

They are circles that enclose a mystery wrapped by patterns of geometric figures.

creating new figures by getting involved in the piece, and turning around reveals the image

in its entirety, just for an instant. Like the moments of life. you have to be

attentive to observe that background idea.

This collection is based on his childhood toys and with them he opens up different current and intimate themes where at the same time he plays from a distance with the viewer and makes him an accomplice in his memories.

We can all put our memories and ideas in a chromodynamic circle, we stop there and it protects us, but it also moves and changes us. Nothing and no one is static in life and in reality everything is made of moments that can go unnoticed if we are not attentive.

The use of women in his work sends us a personal message directly from his

point of view but asks us to put part of our experiences to make

these chromodynamic circles something of their own.

Círculos Cromodinámicos: Texto
Círculos Cromodinámicos: Proyectos
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