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 Jessica Feldman has exhibited both nationally and internationally on an almost constant basis. His works are in various collections and he has participated in individual and group exhibitions, art fairs and auctions.

Exposiciones: Exhibiciones

Exhibitions individual

2014 Emotions and movement Torre del Reloj Gallery Mexico
2015 The Woman Gallery of the Cuajimalpa Mexico delegation
2015 Two visions House of culture san angel Mexico
2015 Strokes and Movements CAM Gallery and Art Sol in Santa Fe Mexico
2016 Without borders Ministry of Foreign Relations Mexico
2016 Movement Art Gallery of Oaxaca Oaxaca
2017 Vibrations Senate of the Republic Mexico
2017 Art Gallery Art Sol Montealbán Mexico
2018 Women in Progress National Lottery Mexico

collective exhibitions

2014 Current LMNT Miami, United States
2014 Mini Museum of Mexican Art UNAM Chicago Chicago, United States
2014 Tunnel Project Framers Gallery London, United Kingdom
2015 Ateliers in the Metro Metro Pino Suarez Mexico City, Mexico
2015 Museum of the State Palace of Oaxaca Oaxaca, Mexico
2015 Presence of Mexico in Atlanta Atlanta Contemporary Art Gallery Atlanta, United States
2015 Modern Lineage Stagecoach House Toluca, Mexico
2015 Duality House of Culture José País Gracia Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
2015 Oaxaca Club France Mexico City, Mexico
2016 Life through art San Angel Cultural Center Mexico City, Mexico
2016 DMA Toluca International Airport Toluca, Mexico
2016 DMA Jose Luis Cuevas Museum Mexico City, Mexico
2016 DMA Clock Tower Gallery Mexico City, Mexico
2016 Trees and Jaguars Oaxaca Art Gallery Oaxaca, Mexico
2016 Catrinas National Lottery Mexico City, Mexico
2017 Soul of Mexico Gateway Art Center New York, United States 1 2017 Museum of Modern Art of the State of Mexico Toluca, Mexico 1 2017 DMA Jose Luis Cuevas Museum Mexico City, Mexico 1 2017 Torre Mayor Lines Mexico City, Mexico
2017 Jaguar House Jalisco Oaxaca, Mexico
2017 Piece of the month Bicentennial Museum Toluca, Mexico
2018 Art object Galería Esquina Virreyes Mexico City, Mexico
2018 kkl 70 years Clock Tower Gallery Mexico City, Mexico
2018 Luvina Tribute Juan Rulfo Center of Culture Luvina Oaxaca, Mexico
2018 Latin Art Museum Los Angeles, United States
2018 Chan Liu Museum Taiwan
2018 Migrants of traveling life and soul Institute of Culture of Baja California Tecate, Mexico
2018 Migrants Televisa Tijuana Tijuana, Mexico
2018 Hope Project Jojutla Jojutla
2019 One Hundred Women in Art Regional Museum of Valle del Fuerte Los Mochis, Mexico
2019 Summer Grimandi Art Gallery New York, United States
2019 Women in art Francisco Villa Museum Durango State Institute of Culture, Mexico
2020 Art in Resistance Eclipse Gallery Mexico 1 2020 Women in Art Acámbaro Local Museum Guanajuato, Mexico
2020 I breathe therefore I am Virtual Mexico
2021 Roy Gallery Columbus Ohio

art fairs

2014  Miami River Art Miami
2015  Spectrum Miami Miami
2015 Art Fair MX Mexico
2018 Art Taipei Taiwan
2020  Bada Mexico Mexico
2020 Maco Mexico Zone
2020 No Name National Museum of Art Mexico 
2021 Art Taipei Taiwan


2015 Aid for Aids Reforma 51st floor Mexico
2015 Bear Fredo Garden Versal Mexico
2015 Living Art Museum of Modern Art Mexico
2016 Gout that heals Soumaya Museum Mexico
2017 Cleft lip palate Reforma Mexico
2017 Monica Pretelini Hospital Bosque Real Mexico
2018 Breath Masks Franz Mayer Museum Mexico
2018 Save the Jaguar Casa Jalisco Mexico
2018 To benefit the Emiliano Zapata building Galería Marstelle México
2020 Tribute to toledo kites Bernardini
2020 New Dawn Monterrey
2020 Living Art Museum Jumex Mexico

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